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Reduce Your Way to a Better Business

Reduce Equipment Waste and Landfills

We have recently helped many customers reduce their pieces of equipment by approximately 50%.


  •  Speed
  •  Quality
  •  Scanning
  •  Color
  •  Security


  •  Wasted prints
  •  Retrieval times
  •  Ordering time
  •  Employee theft

This is accomplished by a simple feature called ‘secure print’ or ‘mailboxes’ combined with The Lioce Group’s design, implementation and training.

  • Both Canon and Lexmark’s multi-function equipment have these features.
  • Both Canon and Lexmark have Green initiatives that help recycle plastics and equipment.

Reduce Power Consumption The reduction of machines leads to reduced power consumption. Even idle machines draw power!

  • Both Canon and Lexmark are Energy Star compliant and combine multiple units into one efficient document station.

Reduce Investment The Lioce Group will help you analyze your office and place the appropriate equipment to fulfill those needs while helping automate your office. We have reduced energy waste and overall costs for over 90% of our customers. It’s a WIN…WIN!

Reduce Paper It is TLG’s goal to significantly reduce the amount of copies and faxes your company is producing. The equipment and features we use to accomplish this, manages it, while making your office more efficient. Efficient scanning setup and software allow for each employee to quickly change their processes and embrace the automated and digital services that drastically save precious time. We even offer inbound routing of faxes, so every employee who checks incoming fax through their email, experiences a seamless transition to a digital office.

Reduce Your Time The new product features are saving our customer’s time without effort. Out of all the benefits listed here, the automation and time savings is the benefit our customers enjoy most.

  • We’ll keep you at your desk.
  • Cut down time at the printer and fax.
  • Improve customer response time.
  • Reduce email and document composition.

Reduce Anxiety The Lioce Group combines our “Do The Right Thing” attitude with excellent customer service and the right technologies to take care of our customers. When we manage the repetitive processes, our customers can focus on their core businesses.