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The Lioce Group History

More than 45 years ago, the Lioce family began selling and servicing office equipment in the Huntsville area. Our philosophy has always been, “Do the Right Thing”. Even though the times have changed, and technology continues to evolve, the way we treat our customers has always remained the same.

“Do the Right Thing” is a simple statement, but one The Lioce Group takes seriously. Our commitment to our customers begins with understanding their business needs. The Lioce Group actively keeps our customers informed on the latest industry trends and technology concepts that may apply to their business objectives.

You, the customer, expect TLG to review all of the new technologies, hardware and software in the industry selecting the very best solutions that will help your business succeed. We have not predetermined product that we have to sell, well sell what works.

This is more important today than ever, as businesses embrace the challenge to reduce both their costs and their environmental impact. The Lioce Group has identified six key areas to help our customers reduce their way to a better business. These include:

  • Reduce Equipment Waste
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • Reduce Investment
  • Reduce Paper
  • Reduce Wasted Time
  • Reduce Anxiety

For details on any of the above concepts or to discuss a Reduce Your Way to a Better Business strategy for your business, please contact a TLG representative today.