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Getting the Job Done by Any Means Necessary

Moving Copiers

Rain or Shine, we get the job done but, we sure are happy the sun is shining today!  A BIG shoutout to our employees Shane and Scott for getting the job done!!

Next Level Team Helps Reduce Costs and Improve Effiencies In Your Business

Do you have a problem in your business that pops up every single month? Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to do a process that seems to be the apex of your troubles? If you have ever thought about reaching out for a coach to make your business run smoother, then you now have a resource called Next Level.


Saving One Office At A Time

An engineering company struggled with keeping up with expanding HR demands. The company was growing, and applicants were from around the nation.

New candidates would fill out a lengthy new hire packet, and the HR Director would spend time filing each file after physically scanning the file into their software and checking for errors.

Signatures were not always in the right places, and keeping up with all of the paperwork was time consuming. There had to be a better way.

Why Does Print Security Matter?

Check out the video in the link below to find out, but don't stress, TLG can help!  Contact us if you have questions.


Christian Slater Video Shows Why Print Security MATTERS

So, You Think You Need A Copier?

I'm sure everyone has at least heard of The Lioce Group here in North Alabama in some shape, form or fashion. Most people know we are the the largest local copier dealership in the North Alabama area.

They've Caught the Toner Pirates!!

Federal investigators and Huntington Beach police teamed up Tuesday to arrest 20 defendants named in an indictment alleging a telemarketing scheme involving toner for copiers and printers that ripped off thousands of victims of $126 million.

The indictment, which was unsealed Tuesday, alleges there were more than 50,000 victims who paid more than $126 million for printers and photocopiers at prices 10 times higher than the regular retail value, according to federal prosecutors.

When is a Wide-Format Printer Right for Your Business?

When you are constantly at the print shop

If your business prints a lot of wide-format materials—posters, banners, signs, etc.—it could benefit you to bring wide-format printing in-house. Instead of constantly explaining what you need to a print shop, you can do it yourself and get the results you want.

How Workflow Automation Can Change Your Business for the Better

When it comes to workflow, automation isn't about replacing people, it's about helping people.  What could you accomplish if some of your tasks were automated? How would your business change?

Here are a few reasons to implement workflow automation software:

Streamline Communication - Automation software is designed to compile all of your daily communication into one centralized location.

Why it's Time to Incorporate Mobile Printing

With a new reliance on mobile devices to accomplish work tasks comes a necessity to print on-the-go.