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Saving One Office At A Time

An engineering company struggled with keeping up with expanding HR demands. The company was growing, and applicants were from around the nation.

New candidates would fill out a lengthy new hire packet, and the HR Director would spend time filing each file after physically scanning the file into their software and checking for errors.

Signatures were not always in the right places, and keeping up with all of the paperwork was time consuming. There had to be a better way.

The Lioce Group assessed their workflow, and helped them become more strategic. This new process cast the company in a more positive light for their new employees.

Digital signatures were implemented, in order to ensure correct placement of signatures on each form.Image result for hr

In addition, the process was made easier by creating digital, fillable forms. Information now carries throughout the document, significantly lowering the amount of time a new hire spends filling out paperwork.



  • Documents Stayed Digital

  • Digital Signatures

  • Decrease Errors

  • Save Time by Eliminating Scanning and Manual Filing

  • Improved New Employee Perception

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