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So, You Think You Need A Copier?

I'm sure everyone has at least heard of The Lioce Group here in North Alabama in some shape, form or fashion. Most people know we are the the largest local copier dealership in the North Alabama area.

But, I really need to change your perception about this copier stuff. In a serious way. Sure, we sell boxes that spit out paper. A plug-and-chug machine that will personalize whatever size and quantity of papers you want. Heck, the Lioce's even sold the first fax machine in Huntsville back in the day. But let's face it, everything is changing. The biggest change seems to be the young people with all their tablets, phones, and fancy technology. I never see these people with paper, but I'll get to that in a second.

Creating paper has been almost every operation's business since conception. That guy down the street? Yeah, they sell boxes that spit out paper, too. We have all been there. "I need another box to personalize my paper, so I'm going to get several quotes to find the best price for my personalized paper box. I'll be the first person to say, you are starting in the right direction, my friend! I'll also be the first person to say, you may want to talk to the Millennial who keeps talking about all their apps BEFORE you make a decision about your copier. That sounds a bit strange you say? Let me explain.

The funny thing is, the new workforce doesn't work with paper. Truthfully, Copier Dealerships don't like this at all, but The Lioce Group- WE ARE NOT JUST A COPIER DEALERSHIP. Times are changing, and we have a whole team of people with their automation apps and new technologies that will blow your mind (and your efficiency) out of the water.

I'd like to introduce an idea to you. Let this team come in, and see your workflow. Let them make notes on their iPads and collaborate (the way your upcoming workforce will collaborate, by the way). Tell us just how much money you have flushed down the drain dealing with lost paper, slow transactions, searching for documents, and any area where there should be an easier way. While you focus on what you do best, and why your customers come back time after time, we are willing to take on your last frontier.

We know there is an easier way to do every workflow in your office, because we are working with the best North Alabama Companies and Organizations with the most effective solutions already in place. We helped implement bits and pieces that has made them more environment friendly while increasing the efficiency of a lean workforce. Sometimes, you need a better way to organize your files and document versions and sometimes you just need Google Docs. From an HR Department with frustrations affecting every end of your business to sending out invoices in a more effective way, we want to bring you invaluable strategy.

For the record, we're not here to sell you a big ticket software you don't really need. We're here to show you a plan of action to decrease the money you spend on junk or pointless efforts. That's why you don't need just another copier. You need to get to the Next Level with TLG.

Written By: Katie Baker (TLG Account Representative)