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Why the Security of Your Documents is Essential

Security threats are everywhere. Whether they come from hackers outside your organization or from a rogue employee within your business, your data and documents are always vulnerable. That is until you secure them. And no, locking them in a filing cabinet would not be considered secure by modern business standards! So, how does a business go about securing its documents?

We Secure Your Information

As a GSA contract holder, we have learned how to secure your information for the Legal Environment and HIPAA purposes. 

It is part of your industry and can be confusing.  Much of the technology is already installed at your company.  Let us show you how to do it. 

Our Solutions Ensure:

  • Every document gets to the intended receipient
  • All hard drives are wiped and secure
  • secure access to all stored and printed documents
  • Reporting to help automate your equipment fleet

Universal Secure Print Software or "Follow-Me Printing"

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Copiers and Printers

1. Improved Quality: Upgrades often come with new technology designed specifically to help you better manage your documents and improve the overall quality of your printed materials. Color printers today can actually produce the same or higher quality documents and images than you would receive from your local print shops, and at much lower prices.

TLG Super Techno Show 2016

We had a great technology show last week at The Westin! Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the event!

Need Assistance Streamlining Your Medical or Legal Office?

TLG has implemented off the shelf products with legal and medical offices that really work, they help save time and money while improving efficiency. Here's a list of those products:

PDF Pro- For document assemby, posting, bates stamping and much more!

Digital Forms- Automate and capture information lost from written forms.

Cabinet Software- For storage and workflow for both legal and medical offices


Proposal Generation Made Easy

As a GSA contract holder, TLG has found existing solutions that automate the assembly and printing of your proposals.Yes, one click to produce hole punched, chaptered, tabbed (printed) in-line with color.

We have this working for our customers right now.  We have solutions for all sizes of contractors.  This eliminates your current frustrating, time consuming and space consuming assembly practices.  Please inquire to a demonstration.

Cost Savings with A4 Technology

A4 may be the most cost savings technology to hit the copying/printing industry ever.  Well, what is it?  It is simply copiers and printers on a smaller frame that do letter and legal paper only.  98% of all copying and printing is legal size or smaller.

These new products are literally 50% less than the traditional equipment giving our customers higher speed, color and efficiency for much less.

TLG brings A4 products from Lexmark, Canon and Kyocera.  Please remember the A4 products during your next purchase.

Managed Network Services

The managed network services industry is changing rapidly.  Many excellent companies can manage your network remotely and maintain help desks to cover 85% of your day to day needs.  Local companies are quickly adopting this new hybrid concept of having an expert locally, but all the network operations are remote and secure.  If you would like to learn more, TLG will point you to a local provider that can assist you.

It's About Your First Impression!

You walk into an office for your appointment, and you take a seat in the lobby. The first thing you do is look around. You take in your surroundings, and think about the other places you have been for the same business. Something moving catches your eye, and you notice the screen behind the counter. It is clean with no cords surrounding the frame, and the modern touch makes you look twice.

Economics of the Office Equipment Industry

In the office equipment world demand stays relatively constant. Every company must have a way to print their documents. There are many entry points into the market at various price points. However, in the aggregate I believe price to play just a small role in the decision making process. The law of demand states, "As the price of a good increases the output or amount demanded will decrease." This inverse relationship holds true to almost all industries. However, there are new technologies and software looking to move offices towards a paperless environment.