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DFARS Insider Threat

You are addressing your networks, but are you addressing your copiers, scanners and printers? 

NIST 800-171/DFARS 7012 addresses the security of the paper being printed on your copiers and printers.  It also calls for audit logs tracking the users and the functions. 

To help answer this current security concern, TLG has a solution to secure these devices.

Access Control

Auditing and Reporting


User Identification


TLG invites you to attend a webinar and/or come to a workshop where Contractors, Facility Security Officers, and IT Professionals can gain valuable information, discuss real-life scenarios and solutions to this threat.

October Workshop Luncheon, October 25th, 11:30-1pm

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November Workshop Luncheon, November 15th, 11:30-1pm

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December Workshop Luncheon, December 13th, 11:30-1pm

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