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3D Printing

Although there is much hype around this exciting new technology, 3D printing is still specific to manufacturers and product development.  The products are quickly expanding and developing for commercial use.  TLG is watching this industry closely.  If you would like to know more about it, please let us know and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

Software and Content Support can make or break your Digital Signage Investment

Let's explore behind the scenes of a successful Digital Signage Program. Many people do not realize the many components of a Signage System, and often look to hardware as being the key component to display your content. The truth is software is key, and your knowledge of its capabilities can empower or limit your endeavor. The Lioce Group brings you an "Easy Button" to solve this issue, complete with personal help. Here is how:

  1. Training to Create Your Programming

  2. User-Friendly "Drag and Drop" Software

Revolutionizing Business Communication

Dynamic Indoor, Outdoor, and Interactive Digital Signage

The Lioce Group wants to be your one stop shop for all of your business solutions, and our portfolio now includes Toshiba's Ellumina Digital Signage Services.

Communicate Better with Digital Signage

Have you tried various ways to communicate company iniatives to staff or information to your customers but still don't meet your communication goals?

Digital Signage is a great way to effectively and efficiently communicate, not only your internal customers but your external ones as well!

Here is short article explaining what digital signage can do for you:

Expand Sales by Selling to the GSA via The Lioce Group

On July 27, 2015, Toshiba announced that The Lioce Group (TLG) obtained a GSA contract to provide Toshiba equipment (purchase and lease), maintenance services and fleet assessment services. Authorized Toshiba Dealers in all areas of the U.S. may take advantage of this contract and sell to government customers via TLG. TLG will provide consulting, billing services, contract administration and project management to help you bid and secure government opportunities. To read more about this exciting news, click the link below.

Ellumina Digital Signage

Ellumina Digital Signage Services are now offered at TLG! We offer three platforms supported by Toshiba, and The Lioce Group can help manage your service locally.  Our OmniChannel Service can welcome visitors to your business, keep company initiatives in front of your employees, and keep real-time information presented to your customers.

Steamlining Logistics Processes

Are you looking to create inventory tags, RFID and other specialty labels, or your own barcodes instead of relying on the ever changing manufacturer barcodes? TLG now offers barcode printers along with Bartender label design software. Together these two solutions can help streamline your logistics processes.

Toshiba and TLG's GSA Contract #GS-03F-0143Y

TLG is continuing the expansion of our GSA contract #GS-03F-0143Y with the addition of Toshiba’s award winning Multi-function copier line.  This gives TLG the ability to serve government installations all over the United States with equipment and service.

Cabinet SAFE

Cabinet SAFE is a complete paperless document management software, one of the many solutions TLG uses internally and offers to customers. It allows organizations to increase efficiency, improve security, save physical space and reduce their carbon footprint – all without fundamental changes to existing workflows and processes. Click READ MORE below to watch a short video about what this software can do for you and your document management in your organization.


Toshiba Digital Signage Coming Soon to TLG

TLG is ramping up to start carrying Toshiba digital signage products. Here's an article about how Toshiba is engaging more customers through the use of digital signage.

More info coming soon! Stay tuned!