Barcode Printers

Mobile Label Printers

Toshiba has a wide variety of label printers.  Their mobile printers are the premier mobile printers in the industry.  Find the right label printer for your business.  $900 to $1,500.  Ask our experts.

Desktop Label Printers

Make sure you get the correct label printer for your software and application.  TLG will consult our experts from Toshiba to make sure you get the right one and stay with you through the installation.  After the sale, TLG’s service will support your with our help desk or with an on-site trained engineer. $500 to $1,500

Business Label Printers

Based on volume and application, it’s tough to find the right printer for your needs.  Although they may not be that expensive, they are key to your automation and your business.  If the label printer is not working, it throws a kink in the whole process.  TLG can help. $1,000 to $1,500

High Volume Label Printing

When your business counts on the label printer, you have to have the right one, along with the training and support to keep your business running.  TLG has parts, supplies and backup printers to make sure your business keeps on running smoothly.  See the high volume printers from Toshiba at our Huntsville showroom. $2,000 to $4,500