Doing the Right Thing in Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Customer Service Is Our Primary Goal

The Lioce Group has invested large amounts of time into training and automation to achieve one goal; highly experienced employees who provide outstanding customer service. As a customer, we challenge you to hold us to our word. We want you to feel free to contact the president of the company if you are ever dissatisfied with any employee contact! At TLG, our goal is to make every Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL business we touch better. 


Pricing Guarantee

The Lioce Group has gone to great lengths to automate our processes in order to improve customer service and keep our costs down. Because of this, we guarantee our customers receive the lowest price on equipment and service, provided the customer offers proof of comparable equipment, terms, and conditions.

90 Minute Response Time Guarantee

The Lioce Group guarantees that, for qualified customers, we will either be on-site or begin service on your equipment within 90 minutes of receiving notification. If we do not begin service on your equipment within 90 minutes, you will receive 1% off your current month’s service bill on that machine for every minute we are late. This guarantee is limited to 100% credit of the current month’s bill on the machine in question. Emergency service multi-function calls only.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Lioce Group guarantees all qualified customers the opportunity to reverse their purchase of a product within 30 days, in order to correct any deficiency in the product or service performed by The Lioce Group. This money back guarantee is provided with the stipulation that the president of the company is given a reasonable chance to meet with the customer and correct the situation.

Back-Up Services

If at any time your equipment is not performing and you need service, The Lioce Group approves the use of our equipment or “print for pay” service to maintain the needed service at maximum efficiency. If you provide the bill for these services, The Lioce Group will credit your account for the amount that was required to maintain your printing services. For services other than black-and-white copying, printing, and scanning, approval by The Lioce Group is required.

Replacement Guarantee

The customer makes the call! If the equipment provided by TLG is not performing up to your satisfaction and you have given The Lioce Group a reasonable opportunity to correct the situation, we will replace your equipment with a unit that has comparable features and capabilities, at no additional charge.

Online Services

The Lioce Group provides online meter collections and service monitoring for all of our new models and includes free Webex support for your printer drivers. As a bonus, if you have maintenance through The Lioce Group, we will provide this online service for all of your printers, whether they are supplied by TLG or another vendor.

Qualified customers are those having maintenance agreements and are currently up to date on their accounts with The Lioce Group. Qualified customers do not include customers under existing contracts through other vendors or channels such as state contracts or national accounts.