Workflow, Automation and Software

What makes TLG qualified to automate your business?

Well, our Do The Right Thing approach to the customer over the last 50 years has not only served our customers well, but spawned some unexpected benefits.  

  • Tenured caring staff
  • TLG invests in their training
  • Proven Software
  • Ongoing Support

Doing The Right Thing leads us to the simple fact that not everyone needs a copier for their applications. Many times software, workflow and changes to the paper path are better for the customer.  TLG has waded through vast technologies in the industry and chosen real solutions that work for Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL businesses.  After implementing these solutions, TLG continues to support our customers long after the transition.

Our customer’s success is very important to us, and we love to share their stories. 

Document Translation

Many businesses and organizations face a growing need to communicate efficiently in languages outside the staff’s native tongue. TLG offers a solution to communication barriers through Lexmark Translation Assistant, a service that provides instant, accurate, and secure document translation. This technology is a game-changer for schools, medical offices, governmental agencies, and more. TLG would love to show you a demo.

State-of-the-Art Conferencing and Virtual Solutions

In today’s dynamic world, seamless collaboration is more crucial than ever. But navigating the complexities of diverse video conferencing platforms and juggling remote teams can often hinder productivity and engagement. Through TLG’s state-of-the-art conferencing and virtual solutions, technology empowers authentic connection and fosters vibrant collaboration, regardless of physical location.

Digital Fillable Forms

TLG is an expert in the design of digital forms for internal use, website or workflow processes.  Either TLG will design them for you or we can train you on how to create them yourself.  Digital forms combined with the cloud, signature software, and some basic routing can automate many processes for little cost.  Our experts help you find the right solution to automate your business.

Document Workflow and Archiving

  • Docuware
  • Nuance
  • Microsoft 

These softwares combine to handle the most intricate applications.  TLG has implemented these solutions in offices of 5 people to 1000 people.  Designed to tackle the hot spots in your business.  These  are the areas you know automation could help.  Learn how our Next Level Team can help your business automate.

Document Management

  • Storage
  • Tracking
  • Streamlining

Automate your assets;  The paper files, digital files, emails, and other correspondence.  Create a workflow that allows your users to simply and efficiently store and retrieve assets quickly.  A system so your assets are protected and secure from the hacking world and viewed only by the people who have authorization.   Learn more.

Accounts Payable Solutions

Accounts payable is seldom automated by your billing or accounting software.  TLG has multiple applications designed to tackle accounts payable saving time and money through automation and accuracy.  TLG has implemented these solutions successfully many times in Alabama.  If accounts payable is a sore spot like we’ve found in many businesses, allow our Next Level Team to help.

HR and Onboarding Solutions

Human Resources is important.  Due to HR’s nature, they are left alone and are removed from many of the traditional automation tools.  TLG has researched and brought multiple HR solutions to help automate and secure the HR processes.  The on boarding and engagement solutions help attract and retain employees.  Solutions from Bamboo HR, Docuware and Docusign help make HR easy.  Definitely learn more about these solutions.

Cloud Solutions for Process Improvement

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google
  • AWS

Combined with our forms tools, signature tools and equipment routing capabilities to quickly automate processes with no additional cost. 

  • Medical (HIPPA)
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing 

Document Security Solutions

Everyone knows about the security challenges facing businesses today.  Most don’t know how easy it is to secure your documents and the transmission of these documents.  TLG has experience in securing thousands of users making sure no one sees a document they are not authorized to see.  Solutions from Canon, Papercut, Nuance, Box and Microsoft to name a few.  Our experts configure a solution for your application whether it’s medical (HIPPA), government contractor (DFARS), legal, or manufacturing, learn more about TLG’s solutions.

Excel and Database Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 has many capabilities most people are not aware of.  TLG understands these features and how to apply them to your hot spots and bottlenecks.  TLG is looking for redundant tasks that take up time and don’t bring in any income.  We use Excel, Access and other tools to quickly automate tasks that people have been doing for years.  Reducing the time needed by 90% much of the time.  We’ve proven this many times.  Ask about our references.

    Digital Signatures

    One of the ultimate automation tools is easy for you to implement.  TLG has picked the best in class Digital Signature software in DocuSign and OneSpan.  See how our experts integrate this into your company’s processes making it easier for your employees, easier for your customers and saves you time, improves cash flow and documentation control.

    Make your company better while becoming more secure!