5 Benefits of a Smart Office Assessment

When we refer to the Smart Office, we refer to tools that facilitate a smarter working environment that is efficient, productive, and safe.

These tools could include document workflows, collaborative displays in meeting rooms, secure remote work technology, and more for your Huntsville, AL, or Birmingham, AL team. A smart office assessment from TLG evaluates opportunities to implement these smart office tools or improve on existing practices to help you enable collaboration among employees, improve productivity, reduce expenses, and secure your IT infrastructure.


Keep Employees Safe

Automate health screening and reporting. Limit staff/visitor exposure to COVID-19 with an improved reception experience.


Strengthen Security

Identify your network vulnerabilities to prevent unauthorized access and data loss. Receive your Network Risk Score.


Facilitate Collaboration


Find opportunities to improve the way your employees communicate, conduct meetings, and share information – whether in the office or working from home.


Improve Efficiency & Reduce Cost


Reveal your total cost of printing. Find ways to save by right-sizing your fleet of copiers and printers, consolidating vendors, and curbing excessive printing.


Digitize Processes & Boost Productivity


Discover how to improve access to shared documents, automate workflows to reduce hand-offs, eliminate manual data entry, and minimize errors.