50-85 Page Per Minute Floor Models in Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

  • For teams of 25-50 people
  • Speeds of 50-80 pages per minute
    • Many customers need to get the output of large documents in a timely matter.  Increased speed is the main benefit and the slightly lower cost per copy which often pays for the more expensive machine doing higher volumes. 

    • Volumes usually range from 15,000-50,000 pages per month
    • Canon, Konica Minolta, and Toshiba
      • There are many different options available.  We suggest having a specialist help configure the machine for you.  Many features help your busy team save time and money.  With security and workflow, these machines become integral to the workflow process to reduce paper, time, and costs.

        The document feeders on these large pieces of equipment handle up to 300 pages and scan both sides at the same time.  The finishing capabilities can staple up to 100 pages, fold, tri-fold and saddle stitch.  Many of our customers use this type of equipment for internal documents and customer-facing documents, eliminating the need to separate these tasks into different machines.  

        The lower cost per copy for service and maintenance helps make up the difference in equipment cost over the life of the machine.  So, essentially it doesn’t cost anything more to get the larger machine if the volume warrants it.  These machines usually are “console” machines constructed on one metal frame and weigh 200-300 lbs. more than the mid-volume machines. 

        They are very popular with large churches and government contracting proposal teams in the Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL areas.

        As with all of our equipment, you can come to our location and try this equipment out. Having all of our equipment in Huntsville for demonstration and trial is a unique benefit of TLG.