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Doing the right thing, at the right time.

The Lioce Group and The Stewart Organization have worked together for many years bringing unprecedented customer service to the Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL communities. They assisted each other with common customers, exchanging best practices, and most importantly shared the same core values. The founder of The Stewart Organization, Walter Stewart, became an advisor, mentor, and a friend to Nick Lioce. This relationship established many similarities between the two companies, most notably the remarkable way both companies cared for their employees and customers. The number one priority for both companies was doing the right thing for their employees and customers even if it was not the most profitable thing for the Company. To prove this, both companies established a detailed list of customer guarantees that included the famous 90-minute service response time, replacement guarantees, and more. These similarities are what drove Lioce and Stewart to becoming industry leaders and the two largest independent dealers in Alabama.

The Stewart Organization sold to a competitive equipment manufacturer in late 2014. For several years, Stewart’s new parent Company allowed Stewart to keep the culture of service that it nurtured for 30+ years. But in 2019, they began to implement many changes as part of an overall organizational restructuring that was aimed at reducing costs. These changes could not help but disturb the culture of service that once defined Stewart.

The time is now for Lioce to enter the Birmingham market. Many of the legacy Stewart employees who take pride in providing an unparalleled level of customer service have become available, preferring to work with a local, independently owned company where the primary focus is on the customer rather than the shareholder. A hole has been left in the Birmingham market. Lioce has partnered with these Legacy Stewart employees and is bringing customer service back to Birmingham to fill it.

Birmingham, Alabama is a hub for the printer, automation solutions, and HR technology industries, offering TLG a wide range of solutions to meet your needs. The city is home to a thriving community of printing experts who are dedicated to providing high-quality printing products and services. In addition to printing, the city is also home to a thriving HR software industry, offering companies cutting-edge solutions for HR management, onboarding, and virtual conferencing. With state-of-the-art technology, innovative techniques, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, The Lioce Group in Birmingham will make your life easier.

Whether you’re looking for print solutions, HR technology, or mailing services, Birmingham has a variety of companies and experts that can meet your needs. With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, The Lioce Group can help you solve your day-to-day business operation hiccups.

Automation software is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, allowing them to automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and free up valuable time and resources. TLG’s Next Level team has access to a range of automation solutions, including process automation, document security, approval, and workflows. These solutions are designed to help businesses optimize their operations. From encryption and secure document storage to digital signature and document management solutions, The Lioce Group has experts who can help your business safeguard its critical data.

Workflows are a key area of focus in your business. With companies offering solutions to help businesses optimize their processes and improve collaboration, Next Level can help implement solutions to enhance project management and team collaboration tools to customize workflows and process automation.