Canon AMLOS Virtual Conferencing in Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL


One Canon PTZ Camera with Innovative Software to Transform Meetings

Whether impromptu or pre-planned, hybrid meetings are far more effective when your team can focus on the meeting and not the technology. AMLOS is designed to put the focus back where it belongs: on team interaction.  Imagine a meeting where in-office participants can:
  • Use simple hand gestures to start the meeting, capture images, direct the camera, or end the meeting
  • Empower remote participants to use up to three views at one time
  • Initiate a meeting on the spur of the moment knowing the tech can bring everyone together effectively
With a Canon CR-N500 or CRN300 PTZ camera on your Windows PC network and your Microsoft Teams account, you’ll have no trouble gathering your team as if everyone were right there in the meeting room with you. The results? An easier time scheduling and participating in meetings, outstanding communication of information, and time savings you can all use to put your great ideas to work. Time spent wrestling with your tech tools can throw off the energy of even the most inspiring meeting. With AMLOS, you can start a meeting, capture an image from the whiteboard, train the camera exactly where you want it, or stop the meeting with only simple hand gestures that the system recognizes.  Before the meeting even begins, facial recognition can recognize who is there in person and automatically send out Microsoft Teams invitations to those who are not present. No one will be forgotten or left behind! Once the meeting commences, facial recognition technology allows your camera to automatically follow the meeting presenter.  After logging into the meeting, remote participants can select up to three views at once. By simply dragging and dropping icons into place in the AMLOS interface, they can make their screen feel that much closer to being there in person. And they won’t have to worry about trying to sketch out what’s on the whiteboard. That’s because the meeting leader can easily capture images of the whiteboard and distribute them.

Overcome an Important Challenge of the Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid workplace is a fact of life for many modern companies. Though hybrid work environments have many advantages, there are times when you want to gather the entire team together on the spur of the moment. It can be a problem when team members are working remotely.

You can’t always schedule meetings days in advance so team members can plan for them. And impromptu meetings can have spotty attendance due to remote workers. AMLOS from Canon addresses this precise situation, making meeting technology work for you rather than the other way around. With AMLOS, you can

  • Ensure in-person and remote meeting participation is as close to identical as possible
  • Easily redirect your PTZ camera to what you need your team members to see
  • Help remote participants engage more actively with in-person meetings

AMLOS is a solution that layers an additional, richer visual experience onto your existing remote meeting capabilities. It was designed and created to deliver specific benefits that make hybrid teams stronger by improving the communication experience. 

With gesture control and facial recognition technology, your in-person team members can start a Microsoft Teams meeting with a link going out to the remote participants you need. But it won’t be their usual remote meeting experience. 

With AMLOS, your remote meeting participants can have a more nuanced experience that’s more like being there in person. They can, for example, view defined areas of your whiteboard, see the presenter or other participants clearly, and gain a better feeling for the group’s energy. 

The result is the ability to quickly launch meetings and have remote team members engage more authentically. Collaboration improves, and there are fewer roadblocks to your creative momentum. Teams have the convenience and flexibility of the hybrid work environment while also having the cohesiveness necessary to work as a team to pursue great ideas. 

Remote and hybrid workplaces have many advantages, but they also present challenges. AMLOS puts the challenge of effective meetings to rest, by allowing you to control the virtual view masterfully.



The AMLOS solution is designed to deliver key benefits in support of hybrid teams and their complex communication needs. AMLOS layers an additional visual experience on top of an organization’s existing remote meeting experience. These benefits include: 

  • Real-Time Engagement: UsingGesture Control and Facial recognition, in-person meeting participants can quickly launch a Microsoft Teams meeting (optional), and a link can be sent to desired remote participants. 
  • In-Person and Remote Inclusion: Remote meeting participants now have access to nuances of the in-person experience, such as viewing defined areas of objects in the room, clear visibility of whiteboard sketches or notes, seeing facial expressions of the presenters, and being able to assess the group energy. 
  • Increased Productivity: With the ability to launch impromptu meetings, AMLOS helps to empower remote participants to engage authentically in collaborative sessions – allowing the team to gain creative momentum and innovate together. 

Inspiration Can Strike at Any Time

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I have this great idea. But half of our creative team is working remotely today. How can I share this potentially important information with them?” Sometimes a group message on Slack or a conference call simply won’t do, and putting off the meeting could put the brakes on your creative momentum. 

With AMLOS, you can put those flashes of inspiration in front of your team right away. Not only can you focus their attention on the information or diagram you put on the whiteboard, but you can also capture images with just a hand gesture and distribute them to everyone. 

AMLOS is designed to do the technological heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your ideas and your team. Don’t wait around for everyone to be in the office, and don’t relegate your terrific ideas to a group message. Do them justice and get everyone on the same page with AMLOS from Canon.