Mago Unified Visual Collaboration Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Simplify Your Meeting Spaces with Mago

Intuitive User Experience

Mago is designed to make collaboration in meeting spaces simple, engaging, and efficient. With its intuitive user experience, Mago eliminates the usual headaches in meeting rooms, making it easier for both on-site and remote participants to join and participate in meetings. Say goodbye to complicated and frustrating video conferencing systems, and hello to a seamless and user-friendly experience with Mago.

One License, Multiple Room Setups

No matter how your Huntsville, AL or Birmingham, AL business operates, Mago can work for you. It is ideal for both traditional standalone meeting rooms and modern hybrid workplaces. With a single license, you can set up Mago in various scenarios, including passive or interactive displays, dual displays, portrait displays, and even video walls. This flexibility allows you to customize your meeting space according to your needs without compromising on the powerful features of a unified communication and collaboration system.

Join Meetings from Any Device

Mago makes it easy to join meetings from any device. You can join scheduled or personal meetings from any calendar, or book an instant meeting with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can quickly join meetings by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need for complicated login processes. With Mago, you have the freedom to join meetings from your preferred device, making collaboration more accessible and convenient for everyone on the team.

Try Mago with TLG

Mago is the ultimate solution for simplifying and enhancing your meeting spaces. With its intuitive user experience, flexibility in room setups, and easy meeting access from any device, Mago is the perfect platform for modern workplaces and learning environments. Eliminate complicated video conferencing systems in favor of a seamless and efficient collaboration experience with Mago. Try it out today and see the difference it can make in your meetings.