Black and White Laser and Inkjet Business Printers in Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

The workhorses of your office in Huntsville, AL, or Birmingham, AL.  These laser black and white machines are the ultimate in reliability.  The main thing to consider is the amount of paper needed based on volume and the cost per copy.  Many printers can be inexpensive to purchase and still have the high speed but will cost much more to run.  

Based on your application, volume, and needs, a TLG representative will quickly give you a couple of alternatives.  Rest assured we will support the printer throughout its life with supplies and service.  Our guarantees will ensure you get the right printer for your needs and that it is maintained properly. 

Don’t forget to ask about factory re-manufactured printers from HP.  These are a low cost to acquire and have a low cost per copy.  This is a great alternative if you don’t need the security features of the new models.