Defense Contractor Security Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Secure print release software was implemented to insure CMMC and NIST compliance. Customer also achieved workflow improvements, equipment monitoring and reduced output.

Canon’s uniFLOW secure print release software was implemented to secure printed, scanned and copied documents to make our customer compliant with the federal government’s security requirements for contractors. The additional benefits of the software help, not only pay the additional cost, but improve workflow.
After implementing uniFLOW unwanted and unclaimed output is eliminated reducing the overall output 15-20%. This alone pays for the software. Our customer does not have to run to the machine each time they print to make sure no one sees the output or accidently picks it up. This allows users to stay at their workstations and continue work picking up the prints when convenient. Fault tolerance is a key benefit of print release. If the print/copier is in use or inoperable the user can go to any other device on the network and retrieve their prints. On top of these benefits, the software analyzes and tracks all input and output giving security and efficiency data to the customer for fleet adjustment. The software monitors all devices on the network not just copiers.

The transition is simple and users like the change. The Lioce Group understands the unique needs of Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL defense contractors.