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Why does your business need an in-house printer?

Create flyers, posters, and other marketing materials in your own office for less than a print shop.

Print is not dead. Print marketing, like flyers and brochures, are still important. Why? Because they work. If your business is using this effective marketing strategy, having an in-house large format printer will save money.

Save time in the office. Get what you need quickly and spend less time with a third party.

Nothing is perfect in its first draft. When you’re ready to print something, it needs to go through proofs and edits before it’s sent to press. You can stop paying and waiting by using your own printer.

Print more for less. Don’t rely on someone else, you are able to print what you need when you need it.

Stop paying more for everything you need to print. It’s not worth going through a third party to get all your print media. Imagine hitting print and instantly having what you need. You can.

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Large Format Printers are divided into the following types: as a stand-alone printer or a multi-function system for copying and scanning.  Some uses for large format printers include:

• Fine Art
• Photography
• Proofing
• Production Signage
• Infographics
• Posters
• Technical Documents


Canon’s ImagePROGRAF Series

• 24″ PRO-2100
• 44″ PRO-41000
• 44″ PRO-4100S
• 60″ PRO-6100
• 60″ PRO-6100S
24” TA-20
36” TA-30
24” TM-200
36” TM-300
36” TM-305
24” GP-200
36” GP-300
24” GP-2000
44” GP-4000
36” TX-3100
44” TX-4100
36” TZ-30000

Large Format Rolls & Cut Sheet
Specialty Print Media

See Canon’s PROGRAF Printers in action:

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