DFARS and NIST Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

All federal government contracts are required to be DFARs compliant.  DFARs compliance calls for being in compliant with many National Institute of Standards (NIST) guidelines.  Most government contractors have gone to great lengths to become DFARs compliance with their networks, but many are missing the NIST standards addressing copiers and printers.

NIST standards 800-53 and 800-171 deal with two types of threats involving copiers/printers.  One is dealing with securing a computer on the network that is not attended.  The second is dealing with the prints and scans from these devices that could potentially be internal theft of sensitive information.

TLG has been dealing with DFARs compliance for years and has simple solutions that make your entire fleet of equipment compliant.  These are easily implemented and usually pay for themselves through automation and reduction of prints/copies.  So, if your company is subject to DFARs take a look at our presentation and contact a TLG expert for more information. TLG makes every Huntsville, AL, and BIrmingham, AL business we touch better.