Document Workflow and Archiving Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Many customers think the task of automating their processes, going digital and reducing paper would be monumental.  Our customers have been surprised on how easy the transition can be.  Without a doubt, you the customer, benefit 100% of the time.  The return on investment for the software and services is immediate with extra benefits of quality assurance, space savings and improved employee morale.  

TLG targets these solutions to your hot spots making the project specific to one process or application.  We look for redundant time consuming work that is not bringing in income to your business.  

You know your hot spots and bottlenecks.  Our specialists review the area in question and present clear solutions with proven technologies that really work.  

Pricing depends on the application, but many solutions are under $1,500.  TLG will not present a solution that doesn’t save you time and money. At TLG, we make every Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL business we touch better.