Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Innovative, Environmentally-Friendly Solutions for Your Business

The Lioce Group brings you a unique experience for Electric Vehicle chargers. We’re interested in helping your business understand the EV market and choose the best solution to provide your employees and customers the best experience with the most economical rate… for the long haul.

TLG is the only vender to offer the following solutions and support for your company.

  • We’ll provide education on the EV market, options and solutions.
  • We’ll help you develop on long-term plan for the onslaught of electric vehicles expected in the next 5-10 years.
  • We’ll handle your chosen EV solution from beginning to end, with as much or as little assistance as needed.

TLG represents the best in class Smart EV charging solutions. A smart solution allows you to monitor and control your company’s buildout of charging stations. TLG is making Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL better and better!

Electric Car Charging Stations for Apartments and Condos

The SemaConnect Series 5 is ideal for properties with assigned parking spots, and it makes it easy for individual tenants to personalize their car charging experience. Since the majority of EV owners charge their cars at home, offering this streamlined and dedicated option for electric vehicle charging will delight both present and future tenants — and can even serve as great publicity for your property.

  • Drivers charge their vehicles at their assigned spots
  • Easy management of EV charging stations and tenants
  • Drivers pay a monthly fee, plus the cost of the electricity and parking at their designated spots

EV Charging Stations for Shared & Commercial Parking

Offer your customers or employees electric vehicle charging! The SemaConnect Series 6 station is designed for commercial applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector. It allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates and more.

  • Easily implement desired pricing policy: duration-based (hourly), time-of-use, or kWh pricing
  • Easily establish desired access policy for public, private, or multi-group access

Sharing features include real-time availability, charging status, and alerts/notifications/waitlist features

EV Charging Stations for Fleets: Series 7 and 7+

These units are available with 30-amps or 80-amps per plug. They make it easy to charge your electric vehicle fleets to make sure they are ready to go. Smart charging for your fleets ensures you have all the information you need, including built-in alerts. A smart dashboard provides detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset, fuel savings, and more.

  • Easily configure a custom fleet program by individual vehicle, major vehicle type, or both.
  • Track departure, return times, and energy delivered to each vehicle.
  • Monitor charging fees for any of your public chargers.
  • Schedule both start and stop of charging sessions to take advantage of off-peak and partial peak electricity rates.
  • Receive alerts to notify exceptions in return times, energy delivered, and departure times to maximize the daily success of the entire fleet.
  • Generate a robust set of reports and analytics.

Quick Charging Stations – DCFC Charger SC50

This SemaConnect station is able to charge all electric vehicles with CHAdeMO and CCS charging compliance. The battery charging status is displayed and the charging cycle finishes by itself or can be terminated by a user command.

  • Fast-charge any compatible vehicle 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes
  • Multi-standard (CHAdeMO and CCS compliant)
  • TFT color display
  • Network integration (OCPP or proprietary protocol)
  • Built-in communications (4G; LAN; Wi-Fi)
  • Optional 2 piece configuration (kiosk/terminal)

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DCFC Charger SC160

This new and innovative solution from SemaConnect fits all features of the emerging DCFC market. It’s one of the most powerful charging systems that are safe, robust, durable, stable, and environmentally friendly.

  • Charge any compatible vehicle with CCS standard
  • Output voltage up to 920 V
  • Combo DC output (Mode-4) / Option CHAdeMO
  • TFT color display
  • Network integration (OCPP or proprietary protocol)
  • Built-in communications (3G; LAN; Wi-Fi)

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EV Charging Station for Retail

Give your retail customers electric vehicle charging options outside your business. This station includes a nice LCD screen for instructions and credit card reader for convenient payments.

Smart Charging Stations for Single Family Homes

SemaConnect Series 4 Coming Soon!

  • 50-Amp unit designed for homeowners
  • Schedule charging to take advantage of the lowest rates
  • Update schedule and check status using connected app
  • Charges all electric cars on North America

TLG Will Assist You With…

Planning & Design

Electrical Buildout & Installation

Onboarding & Training

Smart Solutions for Charging, Monitoring & Reporting

Ongoing Maintenance & Upkeep

Warranty Against Malfunction

Inventory of Replacement Equipment

Protection Against “Acts of God” & Vandalism

Smart Load Balancing for Cars & Utility Rates


Ongoing Software Optimization

Leasing Services (Enable an immediate return on investment.)

ROI Analysis for Fleet & Company Vehicles

Government Incentives & Tax Credits

EV Manufacturer Incentives (Fleet Applications)

Local Utility Rates & Incentives

TVA Rates & Incentives

Federal Rates & Incentives (Incentive is currently 30% of the cost of a charging station.)

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