How much do copiers cost in Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL?

That’s not an easy question to answer, but we can give you some good direction on what you might find in our competitive market.  First, most office equipment dealers sell a whole lot more than just copiers whether it would be network printers, large format equipment and many specialty accessory devices.  These dealers also have software and solutions that help eliminate paper. This discussion, however, is on copiers.

The industry breaks the copiers into 6 segments based on speed and capabilities.  

Segment 1: 11 – 20 ppm Small or home offices
Segment 2: 21 – 30 ppm Small offices
Segment 3: 31 – 40 ppm Small to mid-sized offices
Segment 4: 41 – 69 ppm Mid-to-large offices
Segment 5: 70 – 90 ppm Very large offices and/or print runs
Segment 6: 91 + Print/copy shops commercial-sized

Segment 1 is the small retail equipment you buy at Office Depot and Staples. These devices cost from $100 to around $1,000.  Devices selling over $1,000 at the retail stores can also be obtained from dealers. Remember, the ongoing usage costs or the “cost per image (CPI)” is necessary to our discussion.  The CPI will go down as the segments go up. Also, the equipment costs go up with each segment. Segment 6 equipment are the machines seen at the print shops around town.

So most companies purchase equipment from segments 2-4.  This equipment will range from $2,000-$20,000 depending on size, speed, accessories and whether they are color devices.  

Segment 2 is 20-30 pages per minute.  These devices are placed in areas that do from 1,000-3,500 pages per month.  Costs range from $1,500-$5,000 depending on whether they are new or refurbished and depending on the accessories required such as sorting, stapling and hold punch.

Segment 3 is 30-40 pages per minute and the most common segment with businesses.  Designed to cover monthly volumes of 2,500-10,000 pages per month. Costs range from $3,500- $8,500.  Most businesses in these segments lease equipment from 3-5 years. Most equipment lasts from 5-7 years depending on the environment and the monthly volume.  If you doing 3,000-5,000 images per month, you could get a new 30 CPI machine for $6,000 or get a refurbished 40 CPI machine for $4,500. How long the machine would last is the difference.  Always research the dealership you are dealing with for service guarantees, Net Promoter Scores and references to make sure you will be taken care of after the sale.

Segment 4 is 40-60 pages per minute and usually is used in paper intensive areas such as legal, medical and manufacturing.  These machines can range from $4,500 refurbished to $15,000. This segment also gets into “console” machines. These machines are usually twice as heavy and handle higher volumes ranging from 15,000 pages per month to 50,000.  Due to the amount of options and accessories, it essential to get a good representative that will take you through the options.

Segments 5-6 are specialized and require expert assistance.  Operating costs at these high volumes are an essential consideration.

Whichever segment your business belongs to, The Lioce Group is ready to help your Huntsville, AL or Birmingham, AL business purchase the perfect solution for your needs.