Large Desktop Multi-Function Devices Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Desktop devices are usually only capable of handling up to legal size paper.  The industry calls this A4 versus A3 which handles larger than legal paper.  There are some desktop devices than handle A3 size paper, but they are specialty products. 

  • Larger desktops with speeds over 50 pages per minute have multiple paper sources
  • Floor standing A4 models capable of handling large volumes of 5,000+ pages per month

This is becoming increasingly popular in our industry because 80% of all prints are legal size or less.  These machines give a real bang for the buck.  In Alabama with so much engineering, we still have the need for a lot of A3 size paper.  

  • A4 color units in this segment run at 50-60 pages per minute
  • Low color cost per copy in this segment makes color more affordable to the customer

TLG is constantly monitoring our customer’s needs to place the appropriate machine and match the application.  Medial, legal and financial markets seldom use large paper and are perfect for the benefits of these large A4 devices. TLG: we make every Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL business we touch better.