OneSpan Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

TLG has strategically teamed with OneSpan for three important reasons.  OneSpan offers a much less expensive customer cost than Docusign.  OneSpan gives different options like Private Labelling giving your company adding personalized representation to your customers.  And third, OneSpan is approved for use by the Federal Government and has FedRamp Authorization.

Similar to DocuSign, OnceSpan becomes powerful when combined with other easy off-the-shelf solutions.  TLG experts have found easy ways to automate processes saving money, reducing time and increasing accuracy.

Sign a document—anywhere, anytime, from any device.


Stop printing. Stop faxing. Stop stressing. With OneSpan, you can sign or send a document for others to sign in minutes. We make it fast, easy, and secure.

Step-by-step instructions to electronically sign a document with OneSpan:

  1. Make a free account and create your digital signature.
  2. Upload any document.
  3. Drag and drop your signature on your contract.
  4. Send your signed document.
  5. Access signed documents anytime in the cloud.

OneSpans electronic signature technology is safe, secure, and trusted by millions of customers around the world including the Federal Government. Speak with someone from our Huntsville, AL or Birmingham, AL team if you have any questions.