Production Printing Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Konica Minolta

TLG chose Konica Minolta (KM) for their award winning production press color equipment.  Ranging from 70 – 100 pages per minute, these devices offer a wide range of inline finishing accessories to fold, bind, punch, cut and finish your documents.  TLG has demonstration equipment in Huntsville, AL to allow you to see the product producing your documents while our print specialists help make sure you get the right model and configuration. Come learn more about the KM product.


Canon has been a leader in the color production business since 1990.  TLG has both Black/White and Color Production presses from Canon for demonstration at our Huntsville location.  TLG invests in our people and facilities to ensure our production customers get the right product and the support they need to produce their materials.  Learn more about the Canon line.

    Specialty Printing

    TLG’s customers need more than just a pretty color printed page.  They have requested odd sizes, thick and thin paper, envelopes, specialty folding and cutting.  Our customer’s depend on TLG to find the latest innovations and technology that help them stand out in their industry.  TLG has these products on our demo floor with the knowledge to help you see what is capable.  Whether it’s card cutting, creasing or dye cutting, learn more about TLG’s offering.

    Service and Support

    The most important aspect of production print is being able to produce large quantities accurately with quality and reliability.  TLG has a production team made up of sales, printing support and engineers that team together to bring the most advanced, fastest and highest quality production press support in the South.  Learn more about our Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL team.