Real Story on Security and Printers Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

There is marketing and then there is the real world. The answer is YES, older printers and copiers can pose a threat to security. There are two types of threats; internal and external. Most of the marketing is telling you the older printers pose a threat to external breaches/hackers. This is true, but the hackers must first get past your network’s firewalls. Once inside the network, the hacker can use an old printer/copier to infiltrate. This is the same as one of your employees staying logged into your network leaving their workstation open for the same infiltration. YES, most new products from all manufacturers have built-in security measures to guard against an outside threat.

On the other hand, internal security is more prevalent. Meaning people inside the building taking sensitive information out. The paper left in the output tray of the copier/printer is a major security concern. There are simple procedures and features that can be engaged to prevent an internal breach. Secure print, mailbox print and universal secure print release are some of the solutions that will protect your company’s assets.

Most vendors have methods of dealing with both of these threats. Securing the printers and copiers should be an integral part of your network security measures. Contact TLG if you have questions. We strive to make every Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL business we touch better!

Here are some popular videos on printer security.