Refurbished Multi-Function Devices Under $1000 Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

So, what is a refurbished machine?  These machines have been brought back after their first placement, usually after 3-5 years.  The machines are refurbished by TLG’s manufacturer certified technicians and prepared to go out on their second tour. 

  • All refurbished machines carry the same worry-free guarantees
  • Drum, fusers, rollers and all other wearable parts are checked and replaced
  • All retrofits and firmware updates are completed

TLG generally wants to place refurbished units in volumes that are half the originally intended volumes of the new machine.  Also, the customer is not needing all of the security, quality and new features coming out in the new models.   Due to the life of the MFD, the refurbished purchase is usually a 2-3 year solution where a new model could be 5-7 years. 

Another thing to consider about refurbished machines is their availability.  Although TLG has a consistent supply of used equipment, not all accessories and models are available at all times.   

Rest assured that TLG’s guarantees apply to all equipment we place, so the refurbished models carry the same Worry-Free Guarantees that a brand new model will carry.

Inquire below with our Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL specialists to find the right refurbished machine for your application.