Scanners Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Desktop: Less than 200 Scans Per Day

Under $600

These scanners have come a long way.  Combined with software included with the scanner and direction from our specialists, these desktop scanners can automate much of your business.  I urge you to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of these inexpensive scanners.  These scanners are available for trial and demonstration at our Huntsville office.

Mid-Volume: More than 200 Scans Per Day

$600 – $1,200

More powerful, but still desktop scanners.  From 40 – 60 pages per minute.  Designed for higher volumes and tough scanning documents.  Easy and reliable especially with the training from TLG experts and support from our service division.  On-call help desks to support all your questions.  Automate the most challenging tasks.  Come try one out today.

    Large Volume: More than 1,000 Scans Per Day

    $2,000 – $7,000

    Canon has document scanners to handle the toughest volume and scanning jobs.  Software to automatically index and clean up the documents as scanned.  Large scan jobs can be automated to reduce time and errors.  The benefits of getting all of your assets digitally help automate the rest of your business.  Large volume involves more complex applications.  TLG’s Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL experts are experienced in these applications and can help you save time and money with your large scan job.  Contact an expert today.

    Large Format and Specialty Scanning

    Large Format scanning and specialty scanning involves specialty scanners and software to help automate the process.  TLG has experience finding the right solution and making sure your process works for your application.  You can see large format scanning on our demo floor in Huntsville.  Come see the scanners and test your application first.