Security Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Security Assessment – $1,500 Value

What’s included?
  • Equipment Inventory
  • What security management is in place and/or suggested
  • Firmware Assessment of each device
  • Driver Assessment and Driver Management Assessment
  • Fleet Activity, volume and usage Assessment (scan, print, fax, copy)
  • Required security parameters to meet HIPPA, DFARs, CMMC, etc.
  • Mobile access requirements and security

Security is a hot topic in the computer industry as well as the print industry. Some are saying 60% of attacks are coming through a copier/printer. Although, we don’t believe that figure, we have the simple FAQs on security in the print industry.

There are two types of attacks: those that come from the inside and those from the outside.

  1. Insider attacks
    • Theft of information
    • Introduction of malware through or on a copier/printer
  2. Outsider attacks
    • Using a copier/printer as an intrusion point
    • Using a copier/printer as a host for malware

The answers to these attacks are pretty simple, but not always easy.

  1. Insider attacks
    • Use secure print features and/or software to insure the printed information gets in the hands of the intended
    • Consolidate old and outdated devices to central updated devices with secure print
  2. Outsider attacks
    • Most all new devices have protection against this type of intrusion

So, the tough part of the answer is that older copiers/printers are vulnerable. Consolidation and upgrading is the best way to secure your assets.

An unexpected benefit of the security solutions has created more efficiency in the office and reduced output PAYING for the cost of the upgrades and improving workflow and worker morale.

Most quality vendors/dealers will do a fleet security assessment for no charge. This is a great benefit to the customer and is usually about a $1500.00 value.

Contact TLG if you have questions about security. TLG strives to make every Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL business it touches better!