Service and Support for Production Equipment Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

Production Print Support



TLG offers production presses from Konica Minolta and Canon combined with accessories from major manufacturers.

We have tested and approved every product we sell in order to give the best possible performance and quality to our clients. Our guarantees ensure that you are getting the best product and service in the industry. For more information about our guarantees, click here.

TLG has made significant investments in equipment, training and personnel to focus and support Production Printing Environments. This is how TLG is dedicating our resources to support businesses in the Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL regions:

• Employing multiple service engineers trained on the production equipment
• Training service engineers and specialists on the software to run production environments
• Our staff has spent countless hours in schools for equipment maintenance and software solutions. These dedicated staff members have collectively over 100 years experience in the Production Environment. TLG is committed to the ongoing training and support of these excellent staff members who are working hard to keep you up and running.
• Investing in equipment and software for our locally based production lab to demonstrate, troubleshoot and backup our installed base
• TLG’s 32,000 square foot facility houses 57 staff members with equipment, parts and supplies inventory for the support of Production Environments. We provide backup services to help produce the deliverables when your equipment is being serviced or when you need overrun capabilities.
• Our knowledgeable staff understands your business needs and the urgency of support for Production Environments. TLG provides the inventory, training and support that allow our staff to take care of your production needs.
• Because of our commitment to the customer and having our staff and facilities local, TLG is able to provide emergency support and after hours support that our competitors cannot. Because we know it’s your business and your needs don’t always fall during business hours.
• Dedicating support specialists to help our customers produce the deliverables
• TLG has a dedicated Help Desk to further our support to the customer. The Help Desk will provide immediate triage support for customers to better understand their service needs and expedite the right support to the customer.
• Investing in parts and supplies to be based locally to support these mission critical environments
• An understanding of your business environment, concerns and needs.