Who is the best manufacturer of copiers in Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL?

There is no best in the industry.  The “big three” are Canon, Ricoh, and Xerox, but this is mostly based on overall sales volume and breadth of the line.  Konica Minolta is considered a major player now and HP is very strong.  These big three or four do carry more products than the other manufacturers in the industry. Mostly, the buyer wants to consider where they are acquiring the machine and what ongoing service capabilities the dealer carries.  Also, the individual machine model is very important. All manufacturers have great equipment and some not so great equipment.

  • The dealer selling and servicing the machine is the most important consideration when acquiring office equipment.

Buyers Laboratory Inc. is the premier ratings company in the industry.  Extensive labs test every product in the industry and give extensive ratings and specifications on each model.  BLI also gives the manufacturers awards based on their product lines. The manufacturers usually rate themselves on sales volumes which are irrelevant to the end user.  

The latest awards can be found at www.keypointintelligence.com/News/Awards

Your vendor should produce test reports on any model you are looking at.  We encourage you to ask for a BLI side by side comparison of the models you are considering. If you have questions about choosing a copier, contact TLG. We strive to make every Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL business we touch better!