Worry-Free Workflows Huntsville, AL & Birmingham, AL

TLG has added numerous products and software to help your customers automate.  We found that many customers were using our copiers and printers in an inefficient manner.  We decided to find the best in class solutions in the software world and bring them to Alabama with support and expertise to help our customers automate their workflows reducing time, saving money and allowing our customers to serve their customers better.

TLG’s Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, AL experts combine off the shelf solutions to work together bringing simple real-world solutions to complex workflows.  Our people will listen to the customer’s needs, do a thorough analysis of the variables involved and then present a Statement of Work that shows the benefits of the solution and how we will implement the automation holding your hand through the entire process.

TLG has teamed with the leading vendors in our industry.  Listed below are some of the solutions we have successfully implemented in Alabama.  We are looking for the hot spots in your company.  The areas you know are not functioning as smoothly as you would like.  We are also looking for people doing redundant work that doesn’t bring in any income.  TLG’s Next Level Team will help your people work more efficiently handling the growth of your company without having to add people.

Represented Brands