Dynabook Laptops Power Today's Hybrid Work Environment

Dynabook is the new name for Toshiba laptops. Today, Dynabook is a subsidiary of Sharp and offers professional-grade hardware.

For 35 years, the world knew Dynabook as TOSHIBA PC. A trusted brand responsible for creating the world’s first laptop, shaping the face of mobile computing, setting the standard for quality and reliability, and selling 170 million laptops worldwide.

Today, Dynabook is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation and a part of the Foxconn Technology Group family of companies. To commemorate this new beginning and honor the Toshiba legacy, the name was changed to Dynabook.

Dynabook continues to deliver the same superior level of quality and reliability in its diverse portfolio of professional-grade hardware and software offerings, including awarding-winning mobile computers, innovative wearable devices, augmented reality applications, and security solutions ideal for enterprise, SMB and education markets.

Meticulous Design, Rigorous Engineering

Dynabook products are meticulously designed and rigorously engineered to deliver a superior level of quality and reliability. We continue to be the only major PC vendor to employ an in-house approach to designing, engineering, manufacturing, and testing products to deliver superior quality and reliability.

With every product brought to market, an unmatched knowledge base and customer feedback are applied in virtually every phase of the process. This unrelenting commitment to delivering the best is found in every element of these professional-grade laptops and results in some of the industry’s lowest failure rates.

Entry-Level to Premium Laptops

Within the Tecra® and Portégé® product families, a wide-ranging portfolio of laptops from entry-level to premium and traditional clamshell to multi-function convertibles are offered.




Designed for those who demand the thinnest, lightest and ultimate in mobility. The Portégé product line delivers the latest in design and innovation, such as the world’s lightest 13.3-inch laptop, award-winning 2-in-1 computing solutions, and an extensive collection of Windows Secured-core PCs, the most secure Windows devices available today.


A collection of productivity workhorses, the Tecra family of laptops offers everything a professional user could want to succeed in any computing environment. Featuring powerful processors, robust connectivity, and enterprise-grade security, the Tecra portfolio does not disappoint.

Customize Your Portégé and Tecra Laptops

Whether you want the highest performance possible or an extremely budget-friendly configuration, customers can completely customize the Portégé and Tecra laptops to the specification that best suits their needs. And, because manufacturing is done in our own factory, these uniquely configured laptops can be delivered in a matter of days instead of weeks.



Satellite Pro

Satellite Pro™ is a family of laptops with modern designs and all-around computing capabilities that deliver exceptional value ready for the most demanding tasks required by today’s workers and students.

dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

Our dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses solution is a wearable, hands-free Augmented Reality tool designed to help large enterprises improve efficiency, quality, and operating flexibility. As the first smart glasses solution running Windows 10 Professional with an Intel® Core™ processor, the dynaEdge AR100 Smart Glasses seamlessly integrates into an organization’s existing infrastructure and security protocols.

Protecting Your Investment

The laptop is a critical component to the success of any mobile professional and any downtime means lost opportunities. Dynabook offers its customers a range of industry-leading warranty options including a new, premier standard warranty – called +Care Service warranty with On-site.+

+Care Service warranty with On-site

Available on select laptops, +Care Service warranty with On-site gives Dynabook customers access to the company’s network of expert service professionals. The flexibility afforded to customers via +Care Service warranty with On-site allows customers to get their laptop fixed quickly, conveniently, and most importantly the way they want it. +Care Service warranty with On-site services includes Depot Repair, Carry-In, On-Site, Customer Replaceable Parts, and Technical Phone Support. And, for customers working internationally, Dynabook offers access to a global network of Carry-In Authorized Service Providers. If you have questions, contact us at TLG, where we make every Huntsville, AL, and Birmingham, AL business we touch better!